Save money while complying with the new Florida Energy Bill!


The Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) supports customers meeting the new bill. They support the use of licensed contractors for the service and repair of your pool and pool equipment as well as the installation of new equipment. Licensed contractors will be knowledgeable in the field and insured for their work. FSPA has centralized the information on how to make your pool equipment more energy efficient. Follow their link to for more information from the government regarding energy efficiency.

Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump (VS) and Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS)
  • The savings you can receive by installing the Pentair Intelliflo pump can give you a return on your investment in a matter of a couple years. Depending on how much you spend on energy, you can save thousands of dollars over the long life of the pump. These pumps will also last longer than your typical pump, due to the careful construction of the pump and the type of motors they use. The Intelliflo pump motors feature permanent magnet motor technology, similar to that found in hybrid cars. This exclusive technology not only makes the pump more efficient, but it also contributes to the “near silent” nature of the pump.

  • The Intelliflo pump can be automated to provide you with the right amount of circulation depending on the features and equipment on your pool.

  • The SVRS feature adds to the safety of the pump. In the event of a blockage, the pump will detect the block and automatically shut off the pump. This feature cannot be turned off and in the event it is disabled, the pump will not run. The safety features are password protected to prevent anyone from changing the functions of your pump. For added convenience, no calibration is required for the SVRS. Also, new software allows the user to control the pump via Apple© products such as the iPad and iPhone.

Below you will find valuable resources of information on the Intelliflo. There is a link to help you calculate your savings (residential home or commercial site), as well as videos with more information on the pump and your savings.

Residential Calculator:

Commercial Calculator:

Pentair IntelliBrite LED Lights
  • The IntelliBrite light is one of the brightest and most efficient pool lights on the market. LED lights could use as much as 82% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, while providing light that is much brighter. IntelliBrite lights use only about half the wattage of a standard bulb making these lights more energy efficient.

  • Not only are they efficient, but with the amount of color options, the IntelliBrite lights are the wave of the future. They are automated for the user to choose from either a fixed color or a light show. There are 5 fixed colors to choose from and 7 light shows to match the mood of your event or evening.

Savings Calculator:

AquaCal Heat Pumps

Heat pumps, such as those produced by AquaCal, can save a pool owner a great amount of money over a standard gas heater. Heat pumps use the same principal as air conditioners to heat the pool. They use significantly less electricity than electric heaters because they only need to transfer the heat into the pool through refrigerant coils. The pump pushes the water past the coils, heating the water. What you end up with is a heated pool without the fumes, emissions, fossil fuel use, and high operating costs. This makes the heat pump the cost-effective, energy efficient option when compared to gas heaters and electrical resistance heaters. This is a great option for South Florida because while heat pumps are generally less efficient in colder weather (sometimes taking as much as four days to warm the pool), it uses the natural warmth in the Floridian air to transfer heat to the pool. Click the link below to find out how much you can save on your energy bills by switching to an AquaCal Heat Pump.

Savings Calculator:

New Financial Program for Our Customers

While we are on the topic of saving you money, we would like to inform you of a new program that we have begun. National Pool Service is now offering our customers the option of applying for a credit card through Fifth Third Bank. They are offering our customers 0% financing for one year for qualified customers. We encourage you to speak with our representative at Fifth Third Bank below.

Ms. America Deanda
Financial Service Representative/Fifth Third Bank
NMLS ID 1578767/ MD 43304
Braden River Financial Center/4630 E SR 64/Bradenton, FL 34208
Office: 941-201-3834 /Fax: 941-747-1930/Branch: 941-747-1920 opt. 3