Yes, even in Florida we use pool heaters! Florida winters can get a bit chilly and a heater plus a pool cover can enhance your swimming pleasure.

  • Operating a heater can be costly, but if you install a properly sized heater and use a quality pool cover, as well as keeping your filter clean, your properly maintained heater can keep the operating cost down. Pool covers can reduce heat loss by at least 50%. An uncovered pool can lose up to 5 degrees overnight. We install, repair, and replace most propane, natural gas, and electric heaters. Each heater or heat pump will have it's own pros and cons, which is why it is important to have a discussion on how each piece of equipment can meet your needs. Whether you need something extra durable, such as a Raypak Stainless Steel heater, or something energy efficient such as an Aquacal Heat Pump, we can assist you in your search for the proper equipment. We specialize in RayPak heaters.
  • Keep in mind that heaters need to be serviced once per year. Several steps are taken to ensure your heater is operating safely and correctly. The heater is first disassembled for inspection. Any pieces of debris, especially combustibles such as leaves, are removed from the burners, heat exchanger, and cabinets. The electrical connections and wires are inspected, lubricated, and secured. The sheet metal will also be lubricated to slow the rusting process. Finally, the technician will confirm that the heater is operating to design specifications.

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