National Pool Service offers an array of pool lighting options. We specialize in light installation, repair and replacement. Lights are 12-volt bulbs which come in two types: plug-in halogen and screw-in incandescent bulbs. The plug-in bulb is 75-watt, while the screw-in bulbs are 100-watt and 300-watt. We carry lights for both pools and spas. It should be noted that bulb wattages are specific to your pool transformer and you cannot use household bulbs.

  • The latest product in pool lighting is Color lighting. Exchange your regular bulb for a Hayward ColorLogic light or a Pentair Intellibrite light. These lights will rotate through a series of colors and light shows. You can also stop the rotation on your favorite color! LED lighting is a great way to dress up your pool. Our store    also sells floating candles. These are floating flowers that will hold a tea candle or an electronic tea light. They come in different colors and you can shape each flower into your favorite shape, allowing for a wonderful display of simple beauty.    

   Call us at 561-585-8866, contact us, or visit us for all of your pool lighting needs, including installing, repairing, and replacing your pool and spa lights.