Retail Store  Our store stocks a full line of chemicals, maintenance supplies, equipment, and parts. Our trained personnel are available to customize a pool-care program for your pool, help you diagnose pool equipment problems, and recommend proven solutions to all pool-related needs.

   All of our purchases are computerized. Want to make a return or exchange? Need a serial number? Have a warranty question? Don't go crazy looking for a receipt - just give us a call! 

  • We offer easy three-step programs, specializing in chlorine sticks, chlorine generators, and chlorine-free programs. We carry a full line of BioGuard sanitizing, oxidizing, balancing, specialty, and spa care chemicals. Our laboratory personnel have been specially trained to help you make the right chemical choice. Bring in a quart of pool water for our always free lab test and diagnosis. We do not rely on a computer printout that diagnoses    water to a national standard. South Florida pools need special care in order to achieve sparkling blue water—always.    
  • National Pool Service carries a full line of automatic pool cleaners, vacuums, brushes, leaf rakes, poles, tile cleaners, test strips, and kits. All your pool-cleaning tool needs can be found here.    
  • Mechanical-minded personnel are always available to help the do-it-yourself-er troubleshoot equipment problems. We have in stock pumps, filters, cartridges, chlorine generators, and automatic cleaners, as well as any manufacturer replacement parts. If we do not have it, we can usually get it for the next day. We have developed a great    relationship with our manufacturers and have open accounts with all the major distributors. You can obtain the knowledge and parts to complete your job.    
  • We stock many foam and inflatable floats made by Sunsearcher, Sevylor, and Poolmaster—the best quality available on the market today. We carry a large selection of pool toys, gift ideas and gift certificates, plumbing equipment, and much, much more!    
   Safety/VGBA Requirements
  • National Pool Service stocks a large selection of products and equipment to keep your pool users safe. We carry handicap lifts, as well as a great selection of safety equipment including alarms, main drain grates, and the pumps needed to match the specific grate. We also carry life-saving equipment such as rings, hooks, signs, and rope—everything needed to meet VGBA code requirements.    
  • Exporting to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands for years has resulted in much repeat business. We double check all packages to ensure your order is complete and you have all the products and any other related items needed. All packages are properly labeled with the required paperwork to make passing through customs a breeze.>    

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